detailer The performance of thoroughly waxing, polishing and cleaning a car is called auto detailing. It is done both for the interior and the exterior of the car, with the purpose of obtaining a level of detail that is worthy of use in a car show. One can do auto detailing either to prepare a car for a show or simply for personal satisfaction. Auto detailing will help with the car preservation, it will improve its appearance and the resale value will increase.

Auto detailing had its origins in South California, but it spread to all the states of the US soon enough. These days, there are over 50,000 detailers operating in the US. In many cases, these detailers don’t even have an address for their business, simply working from parking lots. Many others are part of detailing chains, working at a national level, through franchisees.

Detailing the exterior of a car means making the paint of a car shine, while also working on its windows, tires, wheels and on the chrome trim. Detailers will use a number of products, like polishes, waxes, detail clay and detergents, applying them with the help of special cloths.

The main components of detailing the exterior of the car are protecting, correcting and cleaning. Cleaning is about getting all the foreign particles from the surface of the car, with the help of washing. Correcting is about polishing a car by hand or with a special machine, trying to get rid of fine scratches or other problems caused by a bad drying or washing technique. Protection is about using materials that are protective, either in paste or liquid form, so foreign matter is prevented from getting on the vehicle’s surface. This includes bugs, tar, splatter, dirt or water. Sealants and waxes will offer a barrier against these elements.

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